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Our India is a vast country in the world, so it can be called as sub continental  country in South Asia, It gain seventh position in The world and in population it gain second position, it is a great mythological land in South Asia. It contains hill, mountain and large number of forest. There are so many pilgrimage places from the northern front to southern front of India. The Himalayan Range situated in the north and in the south, there is kanyakumari, the holiest part of India. There are adjacent states like China, Nepal, Bhutan, Mayanmar and Bangladesh and in western side has Pakistan.

Around India, There have so many big forests in which various types of tiger projects, Bird’s sanctuary situated. Pakistan and western India centred around cities such as Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Dholavira and Kalibangan. Major Himalayan origin river that substantially flow through India includes Ganges (Ganga) and Brahmaputra both of which fall into the Bay of Bengal.

India has two archipelago The Lakshadweep, coral atolls off India’s South-western cost and the Andaman and Nicobar island.

India’s climate is strongly influence by The Himalayan origin and the desert, both of which drive the economically and culturally pivotal summer and winter monsoons. The Thor Desert plays a crucial role. Four major climate grouping predominant in India. There are many religious Indian festival in Origin  among  them  Chhath,  Christmas,  Diwali , Durga Puja,  Bakr-Eid,  Eid-ul-Fitr, etc and so on.

Thus our India makes itself as a great in the Asian sub-continent.